Welcome your guests with multimedia flair. The Nitrogen Access Control Unit puts a dynamic face on all of your points of entry. It allows custom graphics, sound, animation, even video to thank your guests for joining you on memorable occasions.

This versatile device supports all types of electronic locks:

• Fail-safe
• Fail-secure
• Self-powered
• Nitrogen-powered

Choose what fits your needs. Multiple inputs and outputs are available including software to support:

• Turnstiles
• Boom gates for parking
• Suite Doors

The Nitrogen Access Control Unit is powered by Power over Ethernet technology to simplify installation in existing buildings by removing the need for a licensed electrician to visit each doorway. A single Cat-5 Ethernet cable provides both power and a real-time network feed. 12V versions are also available.

Identification of guests or staff members can be simplified through the use 2D bar-codes or RFID cards and key fobs. The easy to use touch screen provides a mechanism to password protect the devices, and allows two-factor security for sensitive areas. With the significant increase in the use of mobile ticketing, the Nitrogen 2D scanner has been optimized to read barcodes off of mobile phones and tablets.

Protecting your boundary has a new level of sophistication. With the Nitrogen Control Unit you can increase security, drive new revenues and improve customer loyalty.

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